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3 minutes - Published by Julian de Lange on 28 July 2020

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App developer for several branches

The past ten years we've built smart solutions for a wide variety of organisations. Focusing on ease, insight and control we built thought-through apps that contribute to the goals of our clients. For the branches transport, agriculture and industrial for example, but also for many other sectors. In this blog we present a few cases that we, as an app developer agency, are proud of.

App developer for integrations and hardware

Integrations with hardware are not foreign to us. During one of our recent projects this was an important aspect: connecting to the WOO sensor of WOO Sports. The app we made for WOO provides kiters with insight in their performance on the water. It's an intuitive app that helps the kiter improve their skills by making optimal use of data.

Key points:

  • Integration with custom hardware (Bluetooth)
  • Combining GPS data with external sensors
  • Presenting a lot of data in a clear and useable way
  • Over 30k users
  • Apple Watch and Android Wear apps
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App developer for transport and logistics

In the world of transport, planning and realtime Track&Trace is invaluable. At Webuildapps, we understand that. In other links of the logistic chain there are also plenty of examples where smartphones can add value, e.g. creating more insight in the logistic chain, printing by phone, navigating within warehouses and registering kilometers without worries.

For Van Dooren Transport we built an app that directly contributes to the daily business processes. The app is integrated with the existing TMS via an API and the business logic of the client has been implemented.

Key points:

  • For chauffeurs
    • Planning with rides and tasks
    • Signing orders
  • For clients
    • Track&Trace and order history
    • Input of new shipments
    • Signing (because of covid-19)
  • For the planning department
    • Wallboard with realtime location and status of vehicles
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App developer for high quality service

A well-known problem: stressing out about your car at the airport before and during your vacation. Where will I park, what will it cost and what if damage is done during my absence?

The Eazzypark app takes these worries away. We helped Eazzypark make their service (even) better by building an app, including an integration via custom API with their existing system.

Key points:

  • For chauffeurs
    • A list with to-do transfers (parking + retrieval)
    • Registration of route, speed and incidents
    • Retrieving keys via robot arm in the vault
  • For team leaders
    • Intake of cars including photos and signing
    • Linking with keys via NFC and QR
    • Realtime location of chauffeurs and status
  • Consumers
    • Guidance through the entire process
    • Creating a reservation
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App developer for smart dashboards

App developer Webuildapps can also assist you with dashboards and web applications of high level. In cooperation with Bluedesk we built PIM Connect, for example. Using this system, realtime product information from a PIM (Product Information Management) system of Perfion can directly be viewed.

Key points:

  • Product information is available realtime
  • Super quick API (>800k products)
  • Realtime data shareable with customers via link
  • Information filtered based on roles
  • Own SaaS solution
  • Implementation within a single day
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Curious about the possibilities?

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