Take kitesurfing to the next level with WOO

With the smart sensor of WOO Watersports, kitesurfers can measure all kinds of interesting data and statistics. The Woo Sports app is the ideal addition to this piece of tech: you can view leaderboards, analyse your sessions, unlock achievements and much more.




WOO Sports



First release

09 June 2020

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About WOO Sports

WOO Sports developed a sensor that measures motion during action sports, focusing especially on kitesurfing. This innovative organization breathes action, technology and entrepreneurship. The WOO team is full of passionate kiters that prioritize authenticity, creativity, fun and a fantastic product. At WOO, they make sure their passion radiates through their product.

What is a WOO?

The WOO is a sensor that measures various data such as the height of your jump, time in the air, G-force during landings and more. Getting started is simple: kiters just have to stick the WOO to their board. This small, smart device works on its own and sends the measured data to either the app or watch of the kiter.

Redesign and rebuilding of the apps

We made a redesign for WOO Sports. The focus was to build a strong, future-oriented foundation. This design had to be flexible so that it could be used across multiple platforms. While making the redesign we kept focus on consistency and simplifying various interface elements, as well as both adding and removing several features.

When WOO Sports contacted us about potential cooperation, the iOS app was much further along than the Android app. There was a wish to bring the Android app to the same level of quality the iOS app had. The app was dated and missed various features. We rebuilt the entire app in the Kotlin programming language, after which we also applied the redesign to the iOS app. Now, both platforms are equal and Android users are no longer missing out.

WOO PRO subscription

With a WOO PRO subscription, a kitesurfer can get even more value from their WOO sensor. WOO PRO users can view statistics of their sessions because they can combine GPS data with their WOO. They can also see their speed and trajectory over the water.

Measure your kite sessions

Using the WOO Sports app it's possible to choose from many game types and variations thereof: Big Air, Freestyle, Freeride and Big Air Analytics+ via a WOO and GPS tracking.

Big Air Analytics

View your results on the water

On the water, the kiter can quickly see what height or speed they reached.

WOO Watch app

Analyse your jumps with Jump Analytics

On the land, the kiter can view the details of their Big Air Analytics session.

Jump Analytics

Community with leaderboards

Kiters can ascend the leaderboards and see who's the best in varying games and metrics.


Share your activities

Kiters can share a session with their friends and the WOO community.

Activity feed


Unlock features such as: Live, Analytics, Safety, Crew and Games.



See the Personal Records of your friends, what milestones they achieved and when they had their last kite session.