Easily adding field visits to a CRM for Agrifirm

At an organisation like Agrifirm, with over 10,000 members and almost 3000 employees, there are a lot of conversations with clients. Hence, a CRM solution like Cloud4Customer by SAP is a nice platform to register all information regarding clients and visits. But what if employees on the ground desire a more pragmatic and accessible tool?






Agricultural cooperation

First release

01 May 2019

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Royal Agrifirm Group

At Royal Agrifirm Group, there's a lot of passion for farming. Agricultural entrepreneurship is all about recognising and seizing chances, anticipating new developments and striving to remain a frontrunner in the agricultural sector. Agrifirm works on relevant and durable solutions that support livestock farmers, growers and the feeding industry in the challenges of today and the future. In this process, it is vital to share knowledge and cooperate with employees and partners across the globe.

Reporting in SAP Cloud4Customer

With over 10,000 members and almost 3000 employees, there are many conversations with clients. That's why a CRM solution like SAP's Cloud4Customer (C4C) is a nice platform to register all relevant information about customers and their visits. But what if employees desire a more simple tool? Many employees have daily field visits at customers to see how it's going and to offer support and advice. To report these visits in C4C there was a C4C app available, but it was seen as impractical. As a result, reporting was seen as annoying, or even forgotten. Agrifirm looked for an alternative solution that fit their C4C use but was also nice to use for employees. Easily sharing a report with customers was the most important wish.

Focus on the user, not the system

Every employee already had access to C4C, but there were pragmatic objections to using the mobile app. By removing these objections, we were able to realise a solution that fit well with the intrinsic motivation of employees, resulting in more reporting. In summary: the right tool for the job. A straightforward app with an intuitive user experience, with a direct link to C4C was the solution.

Field visit app

Based on Agrifirm's wishes we started our work, resulting in the Agrifirm Veldbezoek (Field Visit) app. A practical tool for employees of Agrifirm that makes it easy to register field visits and share those with their customers. Field visits by colleagues of the same team are also available, so when an employee is on vacation, their colleagues can see what was discussed during the visit and how they can best support the client.

This project was made for and in cooperation with Acorel and Royal Agrifirm Group

Integration with SAP Cloud for Customers (C4C) CRM

Agrifirm uses SAP Cloud for Customers (C4C) as their CRM system. Employees can use the Field Visit app to view the client's contact info and get in touch with them, 24/7.

Screenshot van Agrifirm app Klantenoverzicht

All relevant client information is directly available

Apart from the client's info and the possibility to get in touch with them, there is a history log of all field visits by the employee and their colleagues. Agreements and notes are visible for reference.

Screenshot van Agrifirm app profiel van de klant

Saving notes and agreements with the app

All made agreements and notes during a visit to a client kan easily be stored. This way you can always see what agreements were made, and colleagues are also provided with insight.

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Sharing conversation notes with a client

Often, notes and agreements are also relevant for the client. Especially when certain advice is given with specific instructions. Using the app, the employee can save these and share them with the client. Now both parties know what was discussed.

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