Share realtime product information with employees and dealers

Are you using Perfion PIM? Then you can easily share realtime product information with your employees and clients. Thanks to a simple configuration you can be up and running within a single day, seamlessly cooperating with your own Perfion implementation.


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First release

01 August 2020

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Every company with a broad diversity of products knows the challenges of managing product information. Mapping all products and its varieties is already a lot of work, let alone tracking all (small) changes to these many products. For companies with this challenge, Perfion as Product Information Management system (PIM for short) is a solution.

Sharing realtime information and staying in control

Organizations can configure which product catalogue from Perfion is visible in the app through the PIM Connect platform. Using different roles, users can specify what information is visible for select user groups. Users can share products and product information with clients, dealers and colleagues via a public role so that confidential information is never unintentionally publicized.

Implementing PIM Connect for the Perfion installation of your organization?

Does your organization have a Perfion PIM solution and is there a desire to easily share realtime product information? Then PIM Connect is the solution you're looking for. Via the PIM Connect website you can request more information and a demo account to try PIM Connect. Do you not know Perfion yet? Take a look at the Perfion website.

Assortment overview

The user can see the entire assortment.

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Realtime product information

View realtime product information of your own Perfion implementation. The information is separated across different elements.

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Barcode scanner

Search your products by scanning the barcode of the product

Pim Connect barcode scanner


Easily share media or a complete page with realtime product information. Publicly accessible and realtime, without losing control.

PIM Connect share actionsheet

Product page link

Public users will see the information via a webpage.

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User roles

Every PIM Connect account has a role. There is a dashboard in which the client can specify user roles.

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