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Using the Roofmaster Remote Access app, users of this innovative machine that washes greenhouse roofs can control their devices remotely.


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15 March 2020

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About Besseling Techniek

Besseling Techniek has been making advanced machines allowing its users to manually, semi- and automatically clean the roofs of big greenhouses. Creating more light in the greenhouse is the primary reason and goal. A greenhouse that allows more light to enter through the roof produces a higher yield. According to Besseling's clients, the Roofmaster causes at least a four percent yield increase. In areas with a lot of pollution this percentage can rise quickly.

The roof washers of Besseling are the result of years of innovation drive and a strong vision for the wishes of greenhouse gardeners across the world. The result of this? Greenhouse roof washers of the highest quality: they are more stable, sturdy, reliable and sustainable than any other system. Besseling has made over 500 Roofmasters, so gardeners are ensured of technology that has proven itself. This is how Besseling Techniek facilitates gardeners around the world to harvest as much daylight as possible, every day.

Greenhouse roof washer Roofmaster

The Roofmaster is a sustainable greenhouse roof washer. Thanks to the efficient use of energy and water, the newest type has been included in the "Milieulijst van de Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland". This means it is seen as a sustainable product. The Roofmaster achieves results no matter the weather; whether it's a Russian climate or the Middle-East, it does the job.

There is a Roofmaster for every type of Venlokas. The control system that Besseling Techniek developed in-house functions with every climate system on the market. By cleaning the roofs of greenhouses, more daylight is harvest and a higher yield is thus obtained. The Roofmaster is a powerful piece of equipment. Not only is it effective and reliable, it is also durable and enjoys a formidable service. Every Roofmaster is custom-made and installed on location.

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Connection via IXON Cloud

One of the biggest challenges in this project was getting access to the machine. During the R&D phase of the machine, it was equipped with an entirely new control system via a PLC and new programming. Inside the machine, there is an internal network between the different components. One of these components is an IXON router that uses 4G or WIFI to establish a connection with the internet, and an encrypted connection with the IXON cloud.

IXON cloud is an online environment meant for IoT specifically focused on industrial machines. Through IXON cloud, the machine is available remotely. Parameters can be changed and read remotely. Roofmaster Remote Access uses the connection to IXON cloud and the control of the Roofmaster to its full extent.

Roofmaster Remote Access

Using the Roofmaster Remote Access app, the machines of Besseling Techniek can be used remotely via smartphone or the user's tablet. For example, you can set the start and end time or the amount of tiles that should be washed. Hitting the start button does what you'd expect: it starts the washing procedure. This handy tool gives you access to all the functions and information that belongs to the Roofmaster system. You can remotely control everything. Harvesting more daylight is made as easy as possible.

Would you like to know more or are you a greenhouse gardener with interest? View the app in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Webuildapps knew exactly what we wanted after a short briefing. They developed the Roofmaster Remote Access app with minimal input from our side. The app makes our roof washer a lot more user friendly for our clients.

Martijn Okkerse - Operations Manager

Overview of all Roofmasters for a client

In this screen, users can see an overview of available Roofmasters and their status. Sometimes a greenhouse gardener uses multiple washers. This way they can see which one is and is not currently active, as well as activate the system and alter settings.

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Control via VNC

Using the Roofmaster VNC screen, greenhouse gardeners can control their Roofmaster devices and change settings. With only a few clicks, the Roofmaster is ready to get started, resulting in more daylight and yield.

Roofmaster VNC

Dark mode support

Roofmaster Remote Access also has support for dark mode. Dark mode saves energy for smartphones with an OLED screen and is used by users that prefer this setting.

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