From A to B with the Van Dooren Transport app

The Van Dooren Transport app directly contributes to the daily processes. The app is integrated with the existing TMS and the business logic of the customer has been implemented. Since the app's release, the amount of orders has raised significantly and administrative duties have been reduced.




Van Dooren Transport


Agricultural sector

First release

05 May 2013

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About Van Dooren Transport

Since 1895, national and international transport and expedition company Van Dooren Transport is driven by fair and efficient transport. The focus lies on transport of flower bulbs, flowers, plants, trees, packaging materials and agriculture machinery. Van Dooren maintains a broad distribution netwerk in the Benelux, France, Germany and England. The company has a rich history and dares to make innovative choices, all to provide the best possible service to its clients.

Fair and clear communication. The knowledge of the developers is vast and they communicate in a way that is understandable for the customer (read: layman). Conclusion: I am very satisfied about the product, the service and quality of Webuildapps. We're ready for the future!

Alex van Dooren - Algemeen Directeur Van Dooren Transport

The question of Van Dooren Transport

On a daily basis, the clients of Van Dooren submit a large amount of orders for the transport of flower bulbs. To streamline this process for the customer, an online E-order system was implemented some years ago. Here, clients can input orders from any location. Meanwhile, technological advancements haven't stopped. The E-order system became dated and wasn't fit for mobile use. Van Dooren experienced some issues with it, too: the old system could only modify client data through manual updates. The employees of Van Dooren had to spend a lot of time on this every year. Therefore Webuildapps was contacted to develop an app can be used on tablets and smartphones.

The approach of Webuildapps

A good start is crucial. Webuildapps defined the requirements along with Van Dooren Transport. This process made clear that design was less important than the user experience. The system had to be straightforward and intuitive above all. A uniform UX across the different platforms was a real must. Additionally, the integration with the current Transport Management System (TMS) was necessary. This allows Van Dooren to automatically synchronise all client information and to read all new orders placed via the app into the TMS. Based on these requirements we made a plan that covered the most important aspects.

The solution for Van Dooren Transport

In a timeframe of four weeks, the plan was executed from start to finish. After the guarantee period, we agreed on a Service Level Agreement for maintenance and support. Thanks to the solution for Van Dooren Transport, clients can input orders, retour shipments, view order history and more. To facilitate this, the following elements were built:

  • A backend, that exchanges client data with the TMS and makes it available via the app;
  • An app - developed with jQuery Mobile - that can be used on tablets, smartphones and via normal and mobile web browsers;
  • An integration to read orders into the TMS;
  • A container app for iOS and Android, so that the app can be offered via the stores and built upon in the future;
  • A test period, during which a dozen clients tested the system based on migrated data;
  • The complete release to clients, after the last adjustments to the systemen that surfaced in the testing phase.

The new system generated over 15,000 orders in a timespan of three months. A result we are very happy about!

Van Dooren Transport about Webuildapps

Update 2016

In 2013 we started working with Van Dooren Transport to build a solution that allowed for the easy input of transport orders. The focus during this was a simpel and pragmatic solution for clients in the flower bulb business. For Van Dooren Transport, the added value is found especially in the simplicity and straightforward process for clients, as well as internal processes.