Snel en betrouwbaar parkeren bij Eindhoven Airport met EazzyPark

It's a well-known problem: stressing out about the car before and during your vacation. Where will you park, what does it cost and what if your car gets damaged in your absence? The Eazzypark app takes your worries away.


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First release

06 August 2018

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About Eazzypark

Eazzypark is the valet parking and shuttle service of Eindhoven Airport. Every day, they make sure hundreds of travelers can embark on their travels without worrying about their cars.

Customers were already satisfied about the provided services, but Eazzypark wanted to make the customer experience even better, so they chose to have a native app made.

Unique approach

The development of the Eazzypark parking app went differently than we're used to at Webuildapps. While we usually work towards a (known) end result/goal, this time we chose to work with objectives: within one and a half years, 30% of all reservations had to be booked via the user friendly and innovative parking app.

Transparent valet parking

One of the biggest questions that arises about valet parking is: what will happen to my car while I travel? And what if damage is caused?

Eazzypark gets rid of these and other worries for you. By taking a few pictures of the car before you leave, there will never be any hassle about possible damage.

As a user, you can also choose to turn on or off certain push notifications, so that you only get messages that are relevant for you. Finally, the app has an overview of all important parking information for both parties involved.

Efficient valet parking

Travelers that use the Eazzypark service are usually away for several days or weeks. A period in which the car is normally in 'downtime', can be used efficiently by Eazzypark. In your absence, you can choose to have maintenance done to your car: from annual check-ups to cleaning. As soon as you arrive in the Netherlands, your car will be retrieved and driven to you. That's how Eazzypark ensures a worry-free, efficient trip.

Choose your flight number

You can easily search for your flight and flight number, this data comes directly from the airport. This way, Eazzypark always knows when to expect you and when your car should be ready.

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Parking with real service

When booking a reservation, you can select what services you'd like to make use of. Washing, charging or vacuum cleaning for example.

Eazzypark valet flight services

Loyal customers are valued

Customers of Eazzypark who have used the service before can use their personal coupon code to gain benefits. Who doesn't want to be in the hall of Eindhoven Airport only a couple minutes after disembarking?

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