Analyse crops with Bejo's Cropalyser

Bejo's Cropalyser provides employees in the most uninhabitable areas of the world the possibility to recognise diseases in crops, online as well as offline. The app also provides information on how to combat these diseases. The content necessary for this app can easily be changed in the backend.




Bejo Seeds


Agricultural branch

First release

23 July 2014

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About Bejo Seeds

Bejo has more than 100 years of experience in the seeds sector and belongs to the most notable specialists in breeding, production, processing and sales of quality seeds. Bejo-seed is delivered in over 100 countries worldwide, via a network of Bejo-enterprises and devoted distributors. Over 1400 involved employees work for Bejo, across 28 countries and in over 16 languages.

Clear and direct communication with us as client. Together we built a fantastic result!

Daniëlle Bruin and Jurgen van Baar - Marketing & Design Bejo Zaden

The challenge of Bejo Seeds

Bejo wanted to innovate the way they provided information to farmers by making the already available booklet on diseases - a small book with diseases that occur in crops and a description of the symptoms - available via smartphones. The app had to become a pragmatic tool for growers, just like the physical booklet was. One of the goals of the app was to make disease patterns of multiple crops (beets, onions, carrots, cabbage) available, in multiple languages. The app also had to work both online and offline. Another goal was to make it easy for farmers to determine what disease he had found in his crop(s).

Finally, Bejo wanted to be able to modify the content. Because there was so much of it and in so many languages, updates here and there would frequently occur.

The solution for Bejo Seeds

Webuildapps developed the Bejo Cropalyser app in cooperation with Bejo Seeds employees Jurgen van Baar and Daniëlle Bruin. An iPhone, Android and Windows Phone app, including a smart system to exchange all the content in 16 languages.

By using a couple of Podio apps, Bejo can easily modify the content and when desired, Webuildapps can publish the updated version in the respective app stores.

The Cropalyser is used by Bejo for:

  • Spreading knowledge about crop disease and symptoms in multiple crops, among all (local) farmers
  • Supporting farmers and Bejo's own representatives in determining disease in crops
  • Saving costs as a result of publishing less physical disease booklets
  • The 'Cropalyse' search function is a handy tool that, via answering questions, leads to an analysis and the possible detection of symptoms. The Cropalyser also offers advice on crop control and preventing diseases. Using this app, functional crop information is directly available, both online and offline.
  • During several growth phases of the crop the farmer can use symptoms, photos and questions to determine what disease is hindering the growth of a certain crop

Expansion of the Cropalyser

We've now arrived at the third update of the Cropalyser. In May 2016, the app received a new design for the main menu and the category screen. The main menu was provided with a Parallax effect across all platforms.

There is a growing demand of having more crops and diseases in the app among both employees and farmers. The value of the app is growing, leading to two new additions to the app: radish and celery. The list of yet to add crops is growing. Leek is also part of the app now.


Diseases of varying crops.

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Disease pattern

View straightforward lists with disease patterns per crop and category.

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Find the disease pattern by answering relevant questions.

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View the symptoms and description of a disease pattern, including photos.

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