Distinctive apps that add value

Every custom app has its own unique story. This is where you read about some of the smart business applications that our development agency has built: tales that our entire team looks back upon with pride.

WOO Sports

Take kitesurfing to the next level with WOO

With the smart sensor of WOO Watersports, kitesurfers can measure all kinds of interesting data and statistics. The Woo Sports app is the ideal addition to this piece of tech: you can view leaderboards, analyse your sessions, unlock achievements and much more.

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Besseling Techniek

Harvest the daylight with Roofmaster

Using the Roofmaster Remote Access app, users of this innovative machine that washes greenhouse roofs can control their devices remotely.

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Easily adding field visits to a CRM for Agrifirm

At an organisation like Agrifirm, with over 10,000 members and almost 3000 employees, there are a lot of conversations with clients. Hence, a CRM solution like Cloud4Customer by SAP is a nice platform to register all information regarding clients and visits. But what if employees on the ground desire a more pragmatic and accessible tool?

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Webuildapps & Bluedesk

PIM Connect - Share realtime product information from a PIM solution

Are you using Perfion PIM? Then you can easily share realtime product information with your employees and clients. Thanks to a simple configuration you can be up and running within a single day, seamlessly cooperating with your own Perfion implementation.

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Efficient parking at Eindhoven Airport with EazzyPark

It's a well-known problem: stressing out about the car before and during your vacation. Where will you park, what does it cost and what if your car gets damaged in your absence? The Eazzypark app takes your worries away.

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Van Dooren Transport

From A to B with the Van Dooren Transport app

The Van Dooren Transport app directly contributes to the daily processes. The app is integrated with the existing TMS and the business logic of the customer has been implemented. Since the app's release, the amount of orders has raised significantly and administrative duties have been reduced.

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Bejo Seeds

Analyse crops with Bejo's Cropalyser

Bejo's Cropalyser provides employees in the most uninhabitable areas of the world the possibility to recognise diseases in crops, online as well as offline. The app also provides information on how to combat these diseases. The content necessary for this app can easily be changed in the backend.

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