What value can an app add to your company?

How will an app add concrete value to the processes of your organisation? We explain what an app can yield you and how to increase the odds of success.

3 minutes - Published by Julian de Lange on 30 October 2020

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The added value of apps

The success of apps is entirely dependent on creating added value, regardless of sector or context. If the final product doesn't add any value, there's little to no use of having an app developed.

For that reason you should always think from the perspective of your target audience. What do they need, what processes are currently weak or convulted and how can an app assist in this?

Naturally, this varies per sector. Some generic examples of how apps can provide support to a company are:

  • Realtime insight in relevant data, regardless of your time and location
  • Remote access of machines and processes
  • Simplifying short, recurring tasks such as entering orders at a wholesale store
  • Easy access to information, such as order information or internal news
  • Straightforward creation of new output, such as creating and editing mails, text and photos for diverse purposes
Post-its on a window in an office

Characteristics of a successful app

Most apps that end up in the app stores are rarely used, or only once. Other apps are an integral part of daily life, both personally and in business. The reason of this lies in several aspects. A successful app is usually:

  • Adding clear value (ease, joy, control)
  • The best application for a specific task within your target audience
  • Well-maintained with a focus on continuous improvements
  • Recognized by a coherent balance between strategy, design, the service, the app and all relevant processes

The secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well.

John D. Rockefeller

Process optimization is priority #1

The goal of a B2B app is usually to optimize a process or multiple processes. Once again, this depends heavily on your sector. A company in the machine industry will have other wishes than a software company that would like to expand their current service with an app.

As long as there is data available, we can use it for optimizations, always with a neat design and focussed on the end user. That is and will always be independent of sector. Using the questions below you can determine whether an app could be valuable for your organization or not:

  • Are your clients or employees experiencing a heavy load of paperwork or manual data input?
  • Do you get frequent calls from customers about order status, shipments, stock etc.?
  • Are orders frequently received by telephone, mail or fax?
  • Do prices often fluctuate, demanding new price lists?
  • Would your customers like an easily accessible customer service where they can ask questions?

If you answer yes on any fo the questions above, it is likely your company can save time, money and frustrations by using a smart business application.

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This is what an app can add

An app only adds value if you pursue a specific goal that fits with the needs of your target audience. If strategy, design, processes and the app itself are balanced, you can achieve the benefits below.E

  • Saving costs by reducing ad hoc questions that disrupt work
  • Core processes can be done faster, saving time
  • A good overview of information regarding storage, reservations, sales, purchases etc.
  • An innovative image
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Collecting data to efficiently adapt to customer needs
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Explore the possibilities with us

The past ten years we've made smart solutions for a broad range of companies, of which we are proud. Focusing on ease, insight and control we've come to many smart applications that contribute to the goals of our clients. For the sectors transport, agriculture and the machine industry for example, but also for many others.

Would you like to explore the possibilities for your company? As an experienced app developer we are happy to help you. Get in touch with us to talk more about your project or get an impression of our custom native apps.