The added value of smart B2B apps

Smartphones are everywhere, whether you're walking down the street or working hard in a business environment. They have become an integral part of our societies. How can an app add value to your enterprise or clients? Webuildapps guides you.

3 minutes - Published by Julian de Lange on 31 January 2020

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Adding value is essential

There are millions of apps available in the Google Play and Apple app stores, yet the vast majority of them either never get used or get used only once. Regardless, the average smartphone user spends about 30 hours a month on 27 different apps. Apps that actually contribute something to the user's daily life have a much better chance at surviving this app jungle. Some worry the app market is getting (too) saturated: fair but unnecessary, since the use of apps and annual revenue of this market continues to rise. In the image below you can see the growth in recent years and the expected growth in the near future.

Companies and organisations have been implementing apps for years. Much like everyone wanted a website a few years ago, now people want to use apps to improve their processes or better help their customers. The main cause most of the apps that get developed don't actually end up getting used is because the underlying strategy is not thought-through. Apps shouldn't get developed just because apps are 'hot' or 'trendy'; an app should continually add value, so that the end users keep using it. What value can an app add to your B2C, B2B or B2B2C enterprise?

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Quick and efficient service for your clients

Reaching clients via their smartphone is straightforward and simple. This is one way an app can be used: as a service channel, e.g. a chat system. Since a few years, organisations are allowed to use WhatsApp to get in touch with their clients, which several companies now utilise. Have you flown recently? KLM allows you to choose to receive relevant information about your flight through, among others, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Communication via messaging apps is easy, personal and accessible around the clock. The information and service people are looking for is constantly within reach. Is your enterprise providing a service? Make your clients' lives easier with an innovative app.

Consumers like being able to take care of things, like ordering a product, quickly. You can make this easy for them through such an app. This way, they don't have to pay a physical visit to the store. People enjoy this kind of convenience. Booking appointments at e.g. a hairdresser or gym can also be facilitated with an app, it really is a multifunctional tool for marketing, client contact, sales and improving internal business processes.

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Get ahead of the curve with a B2B-app

The added value of apps in de B2B sector shows itself in various ways. The past ten years, Webuildapps has realised many smart business applications for a wide variety of enterprises. Feel free to take a look at our cases to get a better feeling for what we're capable of. To further help you with insight into the value of B2B apps, consider the following benefits:

  • Saving time by reducing administrative duties such as planning, administration, invoicing et al.
  • A solid overview of information regarding your processes (supplies, reservations, sales, orders)
  • Process core business quickly and intuitively, like orders, messages and saving data
  • Saving costs by optimally using time & materials

Webuildapps builds smart solutions for an audience that is mainly B2B (are you part of a B2C-company? you're also very welcome!). The apps we build aim to solve a certain problem or streamline a complex process. This is done in a variety of branches, from transport to agriculture and from education to the government. We continuously push for success and solutions that add as much value as possible. Curious about the chances for your organisation? Feel free to get in touch with us, we're happy to assist.