Successful apps start with strategy

Before you start working with an app developer it's important to know how you can approach this process efficiently. Based on our experience, we guide you through the process of constructing a good strategy and an intuitive design.

4 minutes - Published by Julian de Lange on 4 October 2019

Strategy of app development

A strong strategy is crucial

Do you want to have an app made for your organisation? Then think about how this app is going to become a powerful instrument that really adds value. The choice for an app can create additional revenue, reduce costs, save time or contribute to better relations with your clients... if your strategy is thought-through. We are happy to offer you the knowledge you need to come to a good strategy.

The entire process starts with strategy; this source will lead to the design, development, marketing and eventual release of your application. Start at the beginning and ask yourself this: what problem do I want to solve?

Define this problem before you start a development process. Think about your end users and their wishes. Who will be using your app and how can you best serve their needs? Decide what features are unique and contribute to the problem you intend to solve. Less is more, if you provide your clients with too much information you risk having a subpar user experience. From a technical perspective: the sky is the limit, but we always advise to stay close to the core goal of the app.

Strategy of app development

Conscious innovation

Smartphones are like a Swiss knife: they can be used for almost anything. Our goal is always to create as much value as possible. Some processes are better fit for this than others. Developing an app to process dated tasks in a hyper-efficient way can be like putting a Ferrari engine in a 2CV. This can still be valuable, but perhaps a different approach is better.

Turning an idea into a successful app demands competence across the entire project. We often see projects that start with lots of enthusiasm but also a lack of conscious planning, eventually causing lackluster results. The Chief Digital Officer of Schiphol has the following to say about defining their solutions:

"We don't start until we can explain what we're solving, what the direction is, how complex it is and what the value is on a single A4 page." - Henk Jan Gerzee, Schiphol

This is an excellent guideline. If you can explain the problem and solution on a single page, odds are high we can give you a sharp indication on costs and time required to develop your app. We make assumptions based on our experience, but these are always followed by research. Especially if we need to make important decisions. This way we build thought-through apps with an optimal user experience.

Keep involving each other

By involving each other from the very beginning until the end, we can easily and quickly make changes. Step by step, we like to work towards an end result that produces as much value as possible. By continuously defining problems and solutions, both you and the app developer you're working with can steer towards an optimal result.

Involve the end user in the process as well. If you can gather valuable input and feedback from these end users early on, you can turn their input into features and changes that do exactly what your users are looking for. Keep validating whether you're on the right path or not.

Strategy of app development

User experience is priority #1

After constructing the strategy, it's time for the design process. If the app doesn't have an intuitive user experience or isn't visually attractive, the odds for success diminish. The user experience is one of the most important elements of your app. Therefore you should keep testing whether your end users are satisfied or not. Pay attention to the user interface as well: buttons, images and icons for example.

Every extra feature and tweak to the interface adds complexity. Keep it simple, less is more. At Webuildapps we build intuitive designs that feel good to use. You notice this as soon as you get to test the interactive prototype on your own device.

We advise you to be direct about your feedback on our designs. We are a straightforward company and appreciate direct communication. Without your feedback we cannot reach optimal quality, so by all means, let us know what you think!

Provide critical feedback.

Pieter de Kroon, UI / UX Designer Webuildapps

Choose an experienced team

Many app developers do not help you with strategy and design. We do. Our knowledge of the past ten years is used to provide our clients with apps of the highest quality.

We have the right combination of tech, business and creativity. This is how we reach end results that make both the client and us proud. Our entire team is involved; a developer is not a designer and vice versa, after all. Multiple experts are working together to help your enterprise. Feel free to get in touch with us to explore the possibilities.