We build apps, and that's what we've been doing for over 10 years now. As an experienced app developer we deliver added value to end users across the globe. Will you also choose for Webuildapps as your digital ally? Discover who we are and what we do on this page.

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Looking for an app developer that cares about your vision and wants to find the best possible solution with you? Look no further than Webuildapps. Using our craftsmanship, we create intelligent solutions with an optimal user experience. We help our clients make the best of their data and options, so that the end users experience a service of the highest level. Quality and usability are key points in this process.

We are good at categorizing your wishes. Thinking along with you, we come to a strong plan and build result-oriented applications. Innovating business processes and creating long term relationships are a central point for us. Curious how our apps and experience as app developer can contribute to the goals of your organization? Get in touch with us! We are happy to answer your questions and provide free advice.

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App developer that helps you

As app developer we support our clients throughout the process of app development. Personal conversations form the basis on which we discover the possibilities. A specific need, personal branding or something unique will usually mean you need a custom app. During an advisory call or meeting we help you discover the world of app development and the opportunities for your company.

Our focus as app developer is native iOS and Android apps that distinguish themselves through quality, usability and innovation. These applications can be separate or connected to existing information systems. Integrations are not foreign to us: we have broad experience in integrating ERP-connections, TMS-systems, Track&Trace, CRM systems and more.

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App developer that focuses on quality

As app developer with over a decade of experience we have built a broad portfolio of solutions. Our apps are more than "just" apps: they are a means to reach a certain end. Saving time, for example, or reducing costs. Our apps are like a handy tool you can use to solve problems. Questions such as "why are we building this?" and "why is this important to the customer" are an integral part of reaching a good result.

Webuildapps is your digital ally. From design to building, we help you produce smart apps and systems. Focusing on quality we deliver results that contribute to your success. Together, we bring the processes and services of your company to a higher level.

Do you want an app?

Decide what problem you are trying to solve and for who. Make sure you have a concrete goal. Discuss your expectations and possibilities for budget and timelines so that together, we can come to the best strategy.

  1. What problem does the app solve?

  2. Who is the end user of the app?

  3. What features are crucial?

  4. What is the available budget?

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App developer for diverse industries

The past ten years we've built smart solutions for a broad variety of industries. The industries transport, agriculture and machinery for example, but also for industries such as healthcare, sports and education. We are happy to help our clients improve their core business by making the best of their available data, no matter the industry. We adhere to the five Webuildapps guidelines below.

The five Webuildapps guarantees

  1. Our apps are nice to use

    The end user is always the most important to us during the design phase. We make sure the final design is one that makes users happy.

  2. Our apps are a tool

    An app should solve a certain problem for a user. It should be a priceless piece of equipment for them, giving them more control.

  3. Our apps add value

    The company saves time and money by innovating processes, such as providing realtime insight into relevant information.

  4. Our apps integratie with existing systems

    A direct connection with pre-existing systems is no problem. We love APIs.

  5. Our apps are future-proof

    During development, we take the future into account and prioritize maintainability. We build a base that can stand the test of time.

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Your digital ally

App developer that looks to the future

Webuildapps is specialized in native apps and integrations with systems. We build apps of high quality, with an intuitive design. Our services include managed hosting, security, control and maintenance.

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Good communication is the key to a high-quality solution.

Stefan Jongejan, Software Engineer at Webuildapps