A strong combination of technology and a perfect team

Driven by innovation we utilize technology and design to assist organizations. We build custom apps for companies in diverse sectors such as agriculture, industry and logistics. Our primary goal is to create value.

We build apps

We build what? When introducing ourselves we usually don't have to explain what we do. With a name like Webuildapps, people usually catch on pretty quickly. If not, we repeat ourselves by pronouncing it slowly: We-Build-Apps. Native apps tailored specifically to the wishes of our clients, to be precise.

How it all began...

We were founded in 2009, back when Blackberrys and Nokias were prevalent. iPhone and Android devices were scarce compared to their modern-day market share. We would frequently come across people that wanted to show us yet another new - mostly useless - mobile app idea. Driven by love for technology and innovation the founders of Webuildapps got inspired to develop their own app: Bluppr. Bluppr allowed its users to take a selfie - avant la lettre - in front of scenic locations such as the Eiffel Tower, after which you could send it to family members as an authentic postcard.

Present day

Now, over 10 years later, we utilize that same love for technology and innovation to build custom applications for our clients. We are specialized in building native iOS and Android apps, as well as the integration of these within an organization's existing systems. The primary goal in this process is to create an intuitive, valuable solution for our client, one that allows the organization to achieve better results.

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The 5 promises of Webuildapps

  1. Our apps are easy to use

    When designing the app we focus on the end user. We make sure the app gets a clear interface that is intuitive in its use.

  2. Our apps are a tool

    An app has to solve a problem for the user. It should be an invaluable asset that helps the user with their work and grants them more control.

  3. Our apps create value

    The organization saves time and money by streamlining processes for its employees. Value is also created by creating insight into information for both the organization and its clients.

  4. Our apps integrate with existing systems

    A direct integration with (existing) systems is possible. Integration with external webservices or open data offers unmatched possibilities for an organization. We ❤ APIs.

  5. Our apps are future-oriented

    During development we keep the future in mind and make sure maintenance is easy to process. We build a foundation that allows for easy future expansion.

Our clients and partners

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